A ten year’s old boy stole 10 lakh within 30 seconds!!

A ten year’s old boy stole 10 lakh within 30 seconds!!

In Madhya Pradesh, a ten year’s old boy came to the Co-operation bank and has stolen Rs 10 lakh within 30 seconds. The boy’s act is to make everyone shocked.

This theft has happened in Madhya Pradesh, Neemuch District, Co-operation bank of the Jawad branch. Around 11’o clock the bank was running, as usual, suddenly from the cashier room Rs 10 lakh is missed. So they have investigated to relate to the theft. From the CCTV camera footage, they found the boy’s stolen from the cashier room.

When customers stand on the line for the money transfer process, the cashier has left his room unlocked condition. At that time, the boy went inside the room rapidly and he has taken the 10 lakh amount. From the cashier’s cash box, he has heisted 20 bundles of Rs.500 notes and he kept it in his bag. He moved away from there within 30 seconds.

Even the boy doesn’t have the height of the table, so no one noticed him. Before this issue, around 30 minutes ahead an adult boy who 20 years old has come and stand inside the corner of the bank for a few minutes.

The 20 year’s old boy has given the signal to the heisted boy after he left over the cashier room. The police are searching the boys who have stolen the 10 lakh rupees from the bank.