Almost 11 million Chinese students Attends China’s University Exam After Virus Delay

Chinese students Attend China's University Exam after Virus Delay
Chinese students Attend China's University Exam after Virus Delay

Almost 11 million Chinese students Attend China’s University Exam after Virus Delay. Nearly 11 million takes China’s University Entrance Exam on Tuesday, after a month’s delay due to the novel COVID19 outbreak, state media reported. More than 7,000 exam sites have been set up across China, with nearly one million invigilators or other workers to watch over the students. Follow us to get daily updates.

About China’s University Exams:

The National College Entrance Examination (NCEE), commonly known as Gaokao, is an academic examination held annually in the People’s Republic of China. This standardized test is a prerequisite for entrance into almost all higher education institutions at the undergraduate level. It is usually taken by students in their last year of senior high school, though there has been no age restriction since 2001.

The grueling four-day exam known as “gaokao” can be a key determinant of a student’s future and was pushed back weeks from its scheduled date. The exam is believed to be the first mass gathering event since the virus outbreak and administrators are enforcing strict rules to prevent infections, including proof of wellness, social distancing and the wearing of masks.

COVID19 Precautions:

In Beijing, exam centres have set up body temperature checkpoints and require students to wear face masks. The city has been trying to quash an outbreak traced to a wholesale market early last month and reported no confirmed cases on Tuesday.

Getting a high score remains the sole way for many students to get into top universities in China, placing a heavy pressure on young students. “The stress not only comes from students’ fear of underperforming on the test, but also comes from family and society,” said Ye Minjie, a committee member of the Chinese Psychiatrist Association.

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