Village scientist plowing land to build a mini tractor with a bike engine!


A farmer from Mayiladuthurai has created a mini tractor using the motor engine of a two-wheeler to carry out agricultural work as none of the coolies come to work to plow the corona corrugated land.

Nambirajan hails from the village of Keelaiyur, near the Sembanar temple in the Mayiladuthurai district. He cultivates cotton, maize, banana and sugarcane on five acres of agricultural land. Basically, farmer Nambirajan knows how to repair two wheelers.

The seed can be sown in the month of Audi only if the land is plowed and prepared in the summer. For this, Nambirajan has invited air plow farmers and tractor owners. Due to the corona crisis has been enforced no one is ready to come and do the work on his land.

Since no one was available to plow the land, Nagarojanmade a mini tractor with a two-wheeler engine and a separate tool attached to the plow. He is the only one who does all the work of plowing, dusting and plowing with this tool.

Speaking on the development of the mini tractor, Nagarajan said, “It is difficult to get a man to work on the Corona lockdown. As such, they only do one or two days when someone comes to work. After that they stop. Since there was no one to plow and dust the air, I bought an old bike myself and designed and built this mini tractor. It costs only three liters of petrol per acre. But if the mercenaries do the same, they will do it for three or four days. Per day we need 15 people to do this work. Anyone can use the tractor I have developed at affordable cost. This should be studied by the Department of Agriculture and developed at affordable cost for use by all farmers. ”

Not only is Nagarajan a mechanic who repairs two-wheelers, but he has also earned the admiration of many for using that knowledge to create a new machine and use it for agriculture.