Camera-shaped house built by Professional Photographer Ravi in Karnataka

Camera-shaped house built by Professional Photographer Ravi in Karnataka
Camera-shaped house built by Professional Photographer Ravi in Karnataka

Camera-shaped house built by Professional Photographer Ravi in Karnataka. The most preeminent Professional Photographer RaviHongalhas nowbuild his own house in the shape of Camera. He already named his sons as Canon, Nikon and Epson.

His house also represents their sons. In this house, ground floor depicts Epson printer, the first  floor depicts the body of Nikon camera and the second floor depicts the flash of Canon camera.

Currently it is the hotspot for the selfie lovers and photographers to haunt. And he says it almost takes two and a half years  to build  this ‘dream home’ into reality. Per ‘Click’ of his house is charged up to Rs71 lakh.

David’s photography interest induced by his Brother Photographer Prakash in his early teens. He decided to make Photography as a profession after his SSLC completion. Ravi started his photography journey from outdoor shoots. On that time, he first had a Zenith camera. Later he bought a Pentax camera for shooting.

Even he had covered wedding and function celebrations also.

At last he started a new studio with his savings and it is named as ‘Siddharth’. He proudly esteemed about his wife(Kripa Rani),she gave an indefinite support for my passion in photography. After his marriage, he renamed his studio as ‘Rani’.

Due to my unbounded love and passion made me to name my first  son’s as a camera name. No one were supported for my decision from my family members except my wife. Then she has convinced everyone such as it is a different name but not weird.

Next he name for his second son as ‘Nikon’ (18 years old) and for his third son as ‘Epson’ (13 years old). He said that during their his sons childhood  days, they asked him. Why did you name as differently? When they came to their school, they have understood my love in photography.

When I decided to build my own house, he expressed to his wife about his dream camera house. For this plan, he approached his brother-in-law Yallani R Jhadavwho is the CEO of his house interior works. They have struggled a lot to achieve Ravi’s dream house.

They never think  about his house gets this much attention from society. He said that they had planned to open it with a grand celebration on April 26, ‘Akshaya Tritiya’. Unfortunately this plan were cancelled due to Corona Crisis.

Finally he said, “when you  truly follow your passion, it gives its reward”.

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