CBSE Art-Integrated Project 2020 – Announcement !!!!

CBSE Art-Integrated Project 2020
CBSE Art-Integrated Project 2020

CBSE Art-Integrated Project Notification 2020 Released on Official Website. Central Board of Secondary Education has released Art-Integrated Project for Classes I to X and Reporting of Implementation of Art- Education and Art-Integrated Learning by Schools. Students can check the CBSE Announcement from our website.

Art-Integrated Project for Classes I to X:

In continuation of above efforts, it has been decided to introduce Art-Integrated Project work for classes I to X to promote Art-Integrated Learning in schools to make teachinglearning Competency-Based and joyful. As part of this, at least one Art-Integrated Project in each subject shall be taken up by all studentsof classes IX and X from the academic session 2020-21, and students of classes I to VIII will also be encouraged to take at least one Art-Integrated Project (trans-disciplinary project)in a given academic year.

Art-Integrated Project Guidelines:

  1. Classes I–VIII, Art Integrated Project should be of trans-disciplinary nature. The project work can include more than one subject and this can be considered for Internal Assessment in the subjects concerned.
  2. Classes IX and X, the students will take up the art integrated project work as subject enrichment activity in all the subjects for internal assessment.
  3. One of the objectives of art integrated education is to make the students aware of the vast and diverse cultural heritage of our country. Therefore, Students will take up integration with any form of Indian Art – visual or performing, as it will be helpful to students to easily understand the project that is culturally connected to them. Teachers need to facilitate learning of the chosen Indian art form and ensure that the students are able to creatively integrate the art form(s) being used in the project.
  4. In minimum one project work of students from classes I –X, it is mandatory to integrate any art form of the paired State/UT, as defined under Ek Bharat Shrestha Bharat Programme. For example, Art Integrated Project Work of the students of the schools in the State of Delhi will be based on the art form of Sikkim and so on. The list of the paired States/UTs is available at Annexure – I.However, to confirm the latest pairings, please visit About Implementation Strategy.
  5. Subject teachers along with Arts teachers must plan and discuss the projects in advance at the beginning of the academic session so that students can be given proper guidance to undertake various projects.
  6. The focus should be given on research of new topics that are not yet taken up in the classroom. Teachers must facilitate exploration of research on the topics to give students hands-on experience.
  7. The project should be taken up in an eco-friendly manner, using readily available local resources without any financial burden on parents or guardians.
  8. The marks awarded for these projects, as part of subject-enrichment activities of class X, will be collected by the Board at the time of uploading of marks of internal assessment.

Download CBSE Art-Integrated Project Notification 2020 Pdf

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