DPIIT says Amazon, Flipkart & Other e-commerce must display county of origin for products


encompassing Amazon and Flipcart to unveil their product’s country origin. This decision has made by DPIIT to elaborate on India’s product in the market.

The declaration was announced by Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman on Twitter. “Information about country of origin by the sellers made mandatory on GeM. #MakeinIndia #AtmaNirbharBharat”, is the tweet.

Certainly, e-commerce companies have multiple products on their websites. So the government has proclaimed it prematurely to submit the country’s origin for products. Moreover, the Department has intimated to submit these website details before August 1 will tag with a ‘Country of Origin’ after the product. If they include any other new product in the future, they must reveal the product’s country origin besides the product on the website. This information was communicated to all the online sellers on Wednesday. At the same time, the online sellers who had already followed these rules for their products, are also being reminisced to regularly upgrade the details further also.

The e-commerce companies had asked to submit with legal metrology (packaged commodities) rules by the DPIIT last week through an official announcement. These rules were ameliorated for all packaged commodities to exhibit details of the Product’s Country origin. The decision was grasped to promote Indian products.