Faked SBI branch ran by scamsters in Tamil Nadu


In Panruti, SBI has two branches only, but by some scamsters who have Rana dummy SBI branch. By the Business Standard as stated, among the three people, one was the son of former SBI bank employees. An SBI customer noticed it and informed his Branch manager.

The SBI officials who visited the duplicate branch were surprised. Because it is exactly looked like a replica of SBI. The SBI officials immediately filed a complaint and three people, including the son of former SBI employee, were arrested on Friday.

According to the report, the police arrested three people including the mastermind, an unemployed youth whose parents were former bank employees. The other two scamsters were arrested by the police, including a person who runs the printing press. They were supported to print all the documents such as challans, cheques, forms, and printed the rubber stamps also.

In 2018, also the police in Uttar Pradesh’s Ballia city arrested a scamster who running a fake branch of the Karnataka Bank, reported The Economic Times. The officers recovered a total 1.37 lakh in cash, which Aafaq Ahmed had collected by opening savings and fixed deposits accounts for local residents.