Harvard, MIT facing against US immigration authorities new rule for foreign students


Harvard University and Massachusetts Institute of Technology have taken a new decision to resolve the deportation of foreign students who are having only online classes during this Pandemic.

US Department of Homeland Security and Immigration and Customs Enforcement had stated about International student’s deportation due to COVID – 19. On Monday, the Immigration and Customs Enforcement had promulgated for the Academic year 2020 semester students who are not only taking online classes but also having offline classes students can dwell in the US.

At the same time, the students who enrolled in academic programs at US universities and colleges with F-1 visas and other training programs with M-1 visa people won’t be permitted to the US.

The Emigration Agency had aforesaid to active students presently enrolled in the US must leave from there, if they have only online classes. Some students who have a combination of online classes and offline classes could stay there with the university or school certification about their mode of classes.

This unforeseen decision of the two federal agencies was repelled by the two prestigious educational institutions (Harvard, MIT) filed a case in District Court in Boston on July 8. These Institutions looked for the temporary and restraining order to abide by the foreign students in the US.

Harvard University President Lawrence Bacowmentioned in an email to affiliates the order proceeded without notice. It’s exceeded a ruthlessness only by its feckless. And he said, “As a university with a profound commitment to residential education, we hope and intend to resume full in-person instructions as soon as it is safe and responsible to do so”.