IIT Delhi has made 5 potential aspiration for 2030

IIT Delhi has made 5 potential aspiration for 2030
IIT Delhi has made 5 potential aspiration for 2030

IIT Delhi has made 5 potential aspiration for 2030. The Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Delhi has shown growth in student and faculty strength while delivering academic and research output over the period of time. In the last decade, IIT Delhi saw a 55 percent surge in student base and a 35 percent growth in faculty. In the last five years, it has filed for over 500 patents, published nearly 10,000 research papers and completed approximately 350 industry projects.

IIT Delhi is believed to have the potential to transform and compete on a global scale. In order to achieve this transformation, IIT Delhi has set five bold aspirations for 2030, in consultation with the IIT Delhi administration, faculty, alumni and the Endowment Fund’s contributors.

  1. Drive research excellence

IIT Delhi will provide faculty with the resources and facilitation they need— including grants, infrastructure and staff—so they can perform to their maximum potential across their focus areas. The institute will aim to maintain a healthy balance between different types of research. While there will be focused efforts on exploring technology development and commercialization of applied research, IIT Delhi will continue to support fundamental research, which could have long gestation period for its impact to be acknowledged by industry and society.

  1. Enhance educational experience and employability

IIT Delhi will provide its students with modern learning and research experience. The curriculum will reflect the latest and future requirements of the industry. A renewed emphasis will be placed on the overall development of students to provide them with the skills to compete in a dynamically changing world. The institute’s method of instruction will adapt to technological innovation in pedagogy while building capabilities to deliver education online at scale.

An additional thrust will also be placed on students’ overall well-being and health.

  1. Attain global competitiveness in select technology areas

By 2030, IIT Delhi aims to build a healthy pipeline of licensing agreements, develop teaching programs and sponsored projects with industry in those technology areas.

  1. Sustain global leadership in entrepreneurship

IIT Delhi aims to become the preferred destination for aspiring entrepreneurs in India and neighbouring countries by nurturing a start-up culture among students and faculty and bridging the gap between research and entrepreneurship. The institute will also make a concerted effort to offer partnership opportunities to alumni embarking on their entrepreneurship journey by providing relevant support services and connections.

  1. Contribute to society and the country

IIT Delhi will continue investing in research areas of social and national importance such as rural development while exploring other potential areas of focus.

The institute will encourage students to continue their on-ground collaboration with external partners who are committed to furthering relevant social causes (e.g., leading NGOs) to maintain a culture of giving back to society.

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