COVID – 19 makes an imbalance to International Students in US


The Trump administration has decided some changes in the US immigration system due to COVID – 19 Pandemic. These changes have affected the people who are all with L-1, H-1B, H-2B, and J-1 visas.

 Most of the Indian Students in the US, have in an oscillation about their deportation if their universities commute to online classes. On Monday, the Immigration and Customs Enforcement has promulgated for the Academic year 2020 semester students who are not only taking online classes but also having offline classes students can dwell in the US.

At the same time, the students who enrolled in academic programs at US universities and colleges with F-1 visas and other training programs with M-1 visa people won’t be permitted to the US.

          After China(478,732), India sent numerous students to the US(251,290) only as stated by the Student and Exchange Visitor Program’s  (SEVP) report of 2018.

The Emigration Agency has aforesaid to active students presently enrolled in the US must leave from there, if they have only online classes. Some students have ‘hybrid classes’ means a combination of an online class and offline class could stay there with the university or school certification about their mode of classes.

Deportation of International students in the US makes indecisiveness and uneasiness among them.

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