IPFT develops new Disinfectant Sprays

IPFT develops new Disinfectant Sprays
IPFT develops new Disinfectant Sprays

IPFT develops new Disinfectant Sprays. Institute of Pesticide Formulation Technology- IPFT an autonomous Institution under the Department of Chemicals & Petrochemicals, Ministry of Chemicals & Fertilizers has successfully developed two new technologies namely “Disinfectant spray for surface application” and “Disinfectant spray for Vegetables & fruits.”

It contains ‘botanical anti-microbial substance’ which can be an effective formulation to prevent from diseases which are caused by microbes, bacteria and virus.

  • The Spray formulation is volatile in nature.
  • It evaporates after disinfecting the surface and does not leave any stains and odour.

IPFT has also developed Disinfectant Spray for fruits and vegetables so as to remove pesticide residues left over on the surface.

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