Kasmiri Student cleared Entrance Examination for Chevening Scholarship to Study at Queens Mary University in London

Chevening Scholarship to Study at Queens Mary University in London
Chevening Scholarship to Study at Queens Mary University in London

Hasnain Mustafa Khawaja is a law student selected for ‘Chevening Scholarship’, which provides students with leadership qualities from over 160 countries and territories to undertake postgraduate study or courses in universities in the UK. These scholarships are available every year to students across the globe who wish to study abroad. Thousands of students from all over the world tries to clear entrance in scholarship. But only those who clear entrance exam will be eligible for the scholarship.

“I took an entrance exam for law after completing Class 12. I got admission in Kashmir University from where I have completed this five-year graduation course,” Khawaja said.”There was a female student in our university who got this scholarship three years ago. Only then I got to know about this programme,” he said. Along with the academic qualification, the programme requires two years of work experience. When Khawaja came to know about this requirement, he took part in volunteer work and interned in an NGO.”To get this scholarship, there is a requirement that anyone who wants to apply for it, the person should have two years of work experience and it could be any volunteer work, internship, part-time or full-time job. So when I came to know about this, I started taking part in volunteer work and did my internship in an NGO,” he said.”At first, I did not believe that I got this award letter. So, I called them up and confirmed about the mail. I then shared this news with my family members. As going abroad for studies is a dream for every student, a common student who belongs to a middle-class family cannot afford the expenses. This opportunity is very good for me as I will come back to Kashmir after studying human rights in Queens Mary University,” he said.”I will serve the people here by working for juvenile rights,” said the beaming Kashmiri student.

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