Kindness extended to a Blind Man paved a way for Kerala Women to Own Home.

Kindness extended to a Blind Man paved a way for Kerala Women to Own Home.

The Kerala woman whose video of helping an elderly blind man to board a bus went viral on social media last week. Her act of kindness not only achieve praise online, but it also helped her to own a house.

Her act of kindness was acknowledged by people from different places and now made her dream which was hindered by poverty to reality, the Hindustan Times reported. Supriya works as a saleswoman with the Alukkas group and the chairman of the company visited her rented house to appreciate her after she became viral in social media. Chairman Joy Alukkas then asked her to visit their head office in Thrissur for a surprise.

The surprise worth her dream, her own house, she was filled with tears of joy when hundreds of workers cheered for her. “It was a spontaneous act and I never thought this will fetch me so much of praise and love”, she was quoted as saying. Supriya is working in the company for three years and lived in a rented house with her children and husband.

Last week, Supriya’s video of chasing a bus and helping the old blind man board it was attracted all over social media. She was appreciated for her act of kindness and generosity. She went after the bus, stopped it and requested the conductor to wait for the old man who was walking with the help of a cane. The video highlighted the act of Supriya walking back to the old man and helping him to reach the bus.