Latest UGC Guidelines on Examination and Academic Calendar…!!!


As all we know, COVID -19 Pandemic has created a huge impact on each and every field in the world. Especially in academics, it is an unexpected issue. Due to this issue, it is struck the Final Semester Examinations.from university Grants Commission (UGC) has taken some resolutions to solve this issue.

In this situation, UGC has been planned by the Expert Committee to sort out five major consequences. Modes of educating process, Academic Calendar for 2019-20, Modes of conducting Examinations, Academic Calendar for 2020 – 21, and Functioning Laboratories.

As per the Expert Committee’s advice, they have been constructed some Guidelines to solve these issues. For Examinations, University should simplify the method of examinations such as MCQ/OMR questions, Open Book Examinations, and Open Choice Assignments. And moreover, to maintain the Social Distancing, they intimated them to conduct online examinations, to monitor numerous students at the same time they suggested to reduce the period of Examination time. Faculties should communicate with students properly about all the actions taken by them. They must guide the students individually at least before one week. Because of the student’s health and safety, the evaluation given by 50% from previous semester performance and 50% marks for their internal performance.

Academic Calendar 2019 – 20 has prepared with their required time for the exam preparation students. Even semester will start at 01.01.2020, online classes will be taken from 16.03.2020 till 31.05.2020, Completion of assignments/ Project work should be from 01.06.2020 till 15.06.2020, Vacation period will be between 16.06.2020 and 30.06.2020. The examination will conduct for the Final year from 01.07.2020 till 15.07.2020, for Intermediate year from 16.07.2020 till 31.07.2020. Evaluation and Declaration of results will be announced on 31.07.2020 for the Final year and 14.08.2020 for Intermediate year.

The admission process will start on 01.08.2020 and end at 31.08.2020. The next fresh batch class will start on 01.09.2020 and 2nd /3rd-year class will start on 01.08.2020. The examination will conduct from 01.01.2021 till 25.01.2021. Commencement of class for Even semester on 27.01.2021 and this semester examination will conduct from 26.05.2021 till 25.06.2021. Summer Vacations will be from 01.07.2021 till 30.07.2021. The next Academic session of 2021 – 22 commencement will be on 02.08.2021.

           The Expert Committee is insisted on all the guidelines to the University as well as faculties also, how to execute this resolution.

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