Modi invites Global companies to make a friendly Business Environment


Prime Minister Narendra Modi solicited the Global Companies to build an investment-friendly and competitive business environment in India. He said Self – reliant India is “not about being self-contained or being closed to the world”, at India Global Week 2020.

Due to COVID – 19 Pandemic and unexpected lockdown created the huge fall in the world’s economy, And moreover the government has also announced to allocate INR 20.97 lakh crore to free ration and cash to necessitous people. So he concerned about these factors and he preferred to reform all these issues by the global investment. He has mentioned about the agriculture, defense and space department have been opened up for investments.

Honorable Modi has invited all global companies by laying the red carpet to utilize all opportunities in India. And he said, “In India, we are already seeing green-shoots when it comes to economic recovery”.He has flashed another one information also, once the lockdown restrictions were eased. The government has planned to provide employment to millions of workers as soon as possible by the public work programs. The government has been trying to re-energize the rural economy as well as to build a durable infrastructure there.

“Indians are natural reformers! History has shown that India has overcome every challenge, be it social economical. India has done so with a spirit of reform and rejuvenation. The same spirit continues now,” he said. In this Pandemic period also India’s Pharma is not only supporting India but also supporting the world.

At last, he said, “India is ready to do whatever it can to further global good and prosperity.”