NEP 2020 Key Takeaways for Higher Education – 4 Yr UG Education, Single Regulator, MPhil Discontinued!!

NEP 2020 Key Takeaways for Higher Education
NEP 2020 Key Takeaways for Higher Education

NEP 2020 Key Takeaways for Higher Education. The National Education Policy 2020 has been introduced on 29th July 2020. The new National Education Policy aims to bring about a reform in the country’s higher education sector.

Several changes proposed in the undergraduate and postgraduate course structure will have profound impacts on the higher education system. Addressing the importance of a multi-disciplinary approach and research, the policy aims to integrate a number of changes in higher education such as 4 Year undergraduate degree with research and discontinuation of M. Phil.

NEP 2020: Key Changes Proposed

The new National Education Policy aims to execute a stage-wise distribution of the 3 to 4-year undergraduate degree. With the aim of providing more flexibility, a student can take advantage of multiple exit options that will be introduced – studying for 1 year, 2 years, 3 years or 4 years. Accordingly, a student will be awarded a Diploma for 1 year UG education, Advanced Diploma for 2-year UG education, Bachelor’s Degree for the 3-year course as well as a 4-year course.

The importance of the 4-Year degree, according to NEP 2020, will lie in the 4th Year adding to the ‘degree with research’. Most of the undergraduate degree programmes will at becoming a 4-year programme keeping in line with the multidisciplinary approach of NEP 2020. Also, it provides students with an opportunity to experience the full range of holistic education with a focus on the chosen major and minors as per their choice.

As per NEP 2020, the UG degree programmes will be credit-based and an Academic Bank of Credit (ABC) will be available to digitally store the credit. As students will have the option to exit at different stages and also re-enter the higher education system, the credits earned by them so far will be accounted for.

The Higher Educational Institutes now will have the option of offering a 1-year master’s degree under NEP 2020. The institutes can offer a two year Masters Degree program where the 2nd year will entirely focus on research for those who have completed an undergraduate degree of three years. For students completing 4 years of undergraduate degree programme with research, there will be an option of a 1-year master’s degree.

According to NEP 2020, the existing 5-year integrated UG and PG degree will continue.

Discontinuation of the MPhil programme is also a major change proposed in NEP 2020. Students who have completed their master’s degree will be eligible for pursuing PhD or Doctor of Philosophy courses directly.

The outcome of NEP 2020 is providing a more flexible study route in the higher education sector letting students choose their academic journey, with the multiple entry and exit options, rather than conforming to the set standards. The 4-year UG degree programme will allow students to move towards more research-based learning as seen in the higher education structure abroad.

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