New syllabus for +1, +2 students canceled – Old Pattern will continue Announced by School Education Department!!

New syllabus for +1, +2 students canceled
New syllabus for +1, +2 students canceled

New syllabus for +1, +2 students canceled – Get Details Here. The new syllabus for classes I and II will be canceled and the old syllabus will continue, the Tamil Nadu School Education Department said.

Tamilnadu School Education Announcement..!

The new school curriculum will be introduced for students of class I and plus 2, the Tamil Nadu school education department announced. It was reported that students can choose 5 subjects according to this new method. Opposition parties, however, protested that this system would affect students’ future.

The Government has announced that the new syllabus will be canceled for the benefit of the students. According to the school department, the old program with four syllabi in class 1 plus 2 will continue. The Government of Tamil Nadu has announced the cancellation of the new syllabus for the +1 and +2 students in the academic year 2020 – 2021.

New Syllabus:

The Government of Tamil Nadu has introduced three core syllabuses with new methods along with 4 practical syllabuses, enhancing the syllabus and rules suitable for employment, to overcome the stress of higher education students and the fear of higher education.  The Ordinance has been issued for students to choose from three main courses or four classes from the academic year 2020-2021.

Public / Parents / Teachers are allowed to continue the four syllabi for a variety of reasons, such as narrowing down their higher education opportunities/careers when students choose only three primary subjects in the higher education curriculum. The decision has been taken by the government after reviewing the demands of the government, saying that it has made requests to the government through various newspapers.

New syllabus canceled:

He has called for the continuation of the existing four core syllabus in all schools in the 2020-2021 academic years and the mandate to repeal the new syllabus. The new concept is based on the demands of the public/parents/teachers.  The higher education syllabus can be curtailed when students choose only three primary subjects because of their higher education opportunities/job opportunities will be curtailed and the government cancels the first course of study. The government has now ordered all schools to continue the old syllabus, with four primary curriculums already in force from the academic year 2020-2021.

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