Scientists detected an Asteroid 2020 flew between Earth and Moon


Generally, when an asteroid tries to reach the Earth, it will be predicted by our Scientists accurately. But unexpectedly, on June 5, a huge asteroid has aviated between the Earth and Moon. It was detected after two days by astronomers in Hawaii firstly.

The huge asteroid named as Asteroid 2020 LD, it’s passing speed 60,286 miles per hour, it’s diameter around 100 meters. It came nearer to the Earth than the Moon on June 5. If this Asteroid had touched earth, it could have affected the earth hugely.  It is considered as 9th world’s largest Asteroid.

The European Space Agency (ESA) unmasked about information about Asteroid 2020 LD aviated distance was 307,454 km away from Earth. It is almost nearer to the lunar distance of the Earth.