TN Schools Curriculum reduction to be announced soon

TN Schools Curriculum reduction to be announced soon
TN Schools Curriculum reduction to be announced soon

TN Schools Curriculum reduction to be announced soon. It has been announced that the Tamil Nadu School’s curriculum reduction will be announced soon. With schools yet to open in Tamil Nadu, the anticipation for the announcement of the curriculum is growing.

School Classes:

With all the schools in Tamil Nadu closed due to the corona virus, all the classes for the next academic year will be conducted online and on television.

According to the guidelines of the Central Government, only upper secondary students are allowed to start classes in rotation.

Curriculum Reduction:

No school opening date has been announced in Tamil Nadu yet. An alternative way to rectify any delay in starting classes is also being discussed. Curriculum reduction is one of them. It is hoped that delays in classes for students will be corrected by significantly reducing the curriculum. Announcements are expected to be released soon in Tamil Nadu.

Board exams for Class 10, 11, and 12 and examinations in colleges, practical examinations, entrance examinations, next academic year studies, and all of the educational activities are affected by a coronavirus. Currently, TN Government was not conducting their educational activities at the regular time. Totally above 45 days are reduced by the Corona Virus lockdown. Now this situation has been released slowly. All the students are advised to ready for the next academic studies. But the next academic classes are not conducting a regular basis. So we motivate the students to don’t waste the time in the leave days.

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