Vanishing Enrolment of Schools!!

Vanishing Enrolment of Schools!!
Vanishing Enrolment of Schools!!

Vanishing Enrolment of Schools!! Though the Jammu and Kashmir government, in year 2015, clubbed several government schools due to the consistent decrease of enrolment, it is essential that a formal policy is implemented to stop the further decline of enrolment in the state-run schools.

A dispassionate analysis is needed to understand the causes of decreasing enrolment in government schools. I-as a teacher-believe that the following major factors because the decline in admissions in the government schools, especially upto the secondary level.

One, we have an expansive network of government and private schools in Jammu and Kashmir. Every habitation- in rural and urban areas- has government as well as private schools. In this situation, the school-going children of a particular habitation get distributed mainly on the basis of quality education provided at a school.

Yes, establishing new government schools and upgrading the existing ones has provided jobs to lakhs of youth, besides increasing the literacy rate. But with the establishment of private schools alongside the state-run schools, the enrolment is on a steady decline.

Interestingly, the enrolment decline at private schools is because of huge expenses – which parents fail to bear- or because of the dozens of private schools available in every habitation. On one hand, more private schools means a healthy competition for better performance, on the other hand, the growing number of these schools poses a grave problem of enrolment.

Two, our education mainly focuses on getting a government job. When we get it, we naturally heave a sigh of relief and with the passage of time begin to take things for granted. This happens with almost all government jobs, including the government school teachers. With no pressure to perform, the performance of government schools lags behind the private schools: in the context of private schools, the situation is different.

The teachers in the private sector find no reason to take things for granted: they realize that their job, even if low paid, survives on their performance. Consequently, they put in hard efforts to bring out the best results which can satisfy their employer.

Often private school teachers and people say that when so and so government teacher was at a private school, he/she was brilliant at teaching. But why does that teacher not perform satisfactorily at a government school now? The major cause is he/she feels no pressure to perform at the government school. It is the pressure to perform that keeps private schools ahead of their counterparts in the government sector.

To address the constant enrolment decline, the J&K administration needs to come up with a systematic policy to regulate role in schools. Trained and experienced teachers should lead in teaching primary classes. KG classes may be formally permitted for government schools.

Transfer policy, after two or three years, for all categories of teachers ought to be implemented at its earliest. Follow up exercises to ensure the accountability at all levels in the Department of Education must be made mandatory.

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