Visually Impaired Girl Gained 286th Rank in UPSC Exams!!

Visually Impaired Girl Gained 286th Rank in UPSC Exams!!
Visually Impaired Girl Gained 286th Rank in UPSC Exams!!

Visually Impaired Girl Gained 286th Rank in UPSC Exams. A 25-year-old girl, Purana Sundari, who is visually impaired, has set an example for youngsters with her hard-work, determination, and zeal. She has scored 286th rank in the UPSC exams. She faced hurdles as some of her books were not in audio format. But with the support of her family, she prepared herself for the UPSC exams and has made everyone proud.

Purana Sundari Says:

“This is my fourth attempt at the civil services. 2016 onwards I have been attempting the civil service examinations and now I got 286th rank at the all India level”, said Purana. Her father is a sales executive and her mother a homemaker. Both her parents have always been keen on having Purana to study as much as she could. Hailing from Maninagaram in Madurai, Purana was introduced to attempting the civil services through her father when she was in the 11th standard.

Visually impaired Purana expresses her joy as she clears UPSC:

Post her schooling, Purana moved to Chennai for college where her professors helped her learn and prepare more for the civil service examination making use of the college library.

“I went to Manidha Naeyam Institute in Chennai and that was a platform that helped me establish myself. My friends and I also went to the government institute as well in Adyar to help prepare myself. My parents and my friends have been of constant support for me and I have achieved what I have today because of them and the sacrifices they made’’, Purana is all excited to now put in her full energy and efforts to take her dreams forward as passing the exam is only the first step.

“I want to work on health, education, and women empowerment and then society will move forward. I will put in all my effort in service to take government schemes to the people”, Purana Sundari said.

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