Home NEWS UNION BUDGET 2023-2024 Live Updates – Check the Key Features Here!!!

UNION BUDGET 2023-2024 Live Updates – Check the Key Features Here!!!

UNION BUDGET 2023-2024 Live Updates
UNION BUDGET 2023-2024 Live Updates

UNION BUDGET 2023-2024 Live Updates – Check the Key Features Here!!! Every year the Government of India will present the Union Budget for the financial year. This year the Government of India will present the Union Budget for the financial year 2023-24 on February 1, 2023.

Union finance minister Mrs.Nirmala Sitharaman will present the union budget in parliament today at 11.00 AM. Yesterday, the president of India gave an address to the joint sitting for the budget session and the finance minister issued the Economic Survey for the financial year 2022-2023.

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The Economic survey concludes with the economic growth in the upcoming year. Indian economy is expected to grow about 6 to 6.8% in the coming financial year.

The Union budget comes under Article 112 in the constitution of India. The budget tells about the income and expenditure of the government in an elaborate way.

This post will give you a live update about this financial year’s budget. The budget session will start at 11.00 AM.

Key Features:

  • 157 Nurse colleges are planned to start in the next financial year. For the Tribal people’s development, the government has allocated Rs. 15,000 crores.
  • PM PRANAM (Program for Resoration, Awareness, Nourishment, and Amelioration of Mother Earth) will be launched in India to promote the alternative use of Chemical fertilizers. This scheme is to improve green agriculture in the country.
  • Under the Ayushman Bharat scheme, over 44.60 crore people became beneficiaries under the ujjwala scheme, more than 9 crore people got a free LPG connection.
  • The new start-ups have been encouraged in the Agriculture department. Under the Ayushman Bharat scheme, over 44.60 crore people became beneficiaries.
  • For Indian fisherman schemes, the government has allocated Rs. 6,000 crores.
  • India on holding the G-20 chairman position, the Indian economy will become a strong economy.
  • This financial year’s budget will be for youngsters, farmers, and all people.

Live Updates on 12:45 PM (01.02.2023):

  • In the past 9 years, the Indian economy is improved to 5th position from 10th position.
  • To encourage the Tourism department and tourists, the new app will be introduced said by FM In the Financial year 2023-24, the government planned to borrow 12.31 lakhs crore for development purposes.

Live Updates on 12:38 PM (01.02.2023):

  • Lok Sabha Adjourned till 11.00 AM on Feb 02, 2023.

Live Updates on 12:36 PM (01.02.2023):

  • “Income up to 3 lakhs- no tax” -FM.
  • The new tax regime will be the default regime.

Live Updates on 12:35 PM (01.02.2023):

  • New Tax regime, the income of Rs 0-3 lakh is nil. above Rs 3 lakh and up to Rs 5 lakh is to be taxed at 5% above Rs 6 lakh and up to Rs 9 lakh is to be taxed at 10% above Rs 12 lakh and up to Rs 15 lakh is to be taxed at 20% above Rs 15 lakh is to be taxed at Rs 30%.”

Live Updates on 12:30 PM (01.02.2023):

  • “Lower taxes on higher digital payments and 100 JT commissioners for small tax disputes” – FM.

Live Updates on 12:28 PM (01.02.2023):

  • “income tax limit has been increased to 7 lakhs from 5 lakhs in next tax regime ” – FM.

Live Updates on 12:25 PM (01.02.2023):

  • “Cigarates will get more expensive clothes and imported rubber will become more expensive ” – FM.

Live Updates on 12:23 PM (01.02.2023):

  • “Gold, silver, the diamond will get expensive ” – FM.

Live Updates on 12:22 PM (01.02.2023):

  • “Mobiles, cameras, lenses, and electronics are cheaper Customs on kitchen items are cheaper ” – FM.

Live Updates on 12:20 PM (01.02.2023):

  • “Indirect taxes – government plans to improve exports for the financial year and to improve electronics production” – FM.

Live Updates on 12:14 PM (01.02.2023):

  • “Senior citizen saving scheme limit doubled to 30 lakhs” – FM.

Live Updates on 12:11 PM (01.02.2023):

  • “SEBI to regulate and enforce awarding to diplomas” – FM.

Live Updates on 12:09 PM (01.02.2023):

  • “Government fixes fiscal deficit for 2023-24 at 5.9%” – FM.

Live Updates on 12:05 PM (01.02.2023):

  • “Focusing on job creation and 11.02 farmers got Rs.2.2 trillion in cash” – FM.

Live Updates on 12:00 PM (01.02.2023):

  • “Stipend support to 47 lakh youths under apprenticeship program” – FM.

Live Updates on 11:58 AM (01.02.2023):

  • “EPFO number doubled to 27 crores and 50-year interest-free loan to the state government has been extended to another one year” – FM.

Live Updates on 11:55 AM (01.02.2023):

  • “The government allocated Rs,19,700 crores to national hydrogen mission” – FM.
Live Updates on 11:50 AM (01.02.2023):
  • “PAN will be used as a common identifier in all digital government agencies” – FM.
Live Updates on 11:47 AM (01.02.2023):
  • “center for excellence and AI – 3 centers will be set up for AI Research in the top institute to develop AI Programs” – FM.

Live Updates on 11:46 PM (01.02.2023):

  • For the railway department, Rs. 2.40 lakhs crore was allocated.
Live Updates on 11:45 AM (01.02.2023):
  • “All cities will be shifted from manhole to machine hole, the machine will clean the septic tanks and sewage areas” – FM.
Live Updates on 11:40 AM (01.02.2023):
  • “Eklavya model resident school- the government will recruit over 38,000 teachers and supporting staffs in next 3 years” – FM.
Live Updates on 11:38 AM (01.02.2023):
  • “The outlays of PM Awas Yojana being enhanced by 66% to over Rs. 79,000 crores” – FM.
Live Updates on 11:32 AM (01.02.2023):
  • National Digital Library The government will set up the national digital library for students for facilitating the availability of books- FM.
Live Updates on 11:28 AM (01.02.2023):

Seven priority of Budget

  • Inclusive development
  • Reaching the last mile
  • Infra & investment
  • Unleashing the potential
  • Green growth
  • Youth power
  • Financial sector
Live Updates on 11:27 AM (01.02.2023):
  • “Agri accelerator funds to boost start UPs and Green energy push remains in government policy   “- FM
Live Updates on 11:25 AM (01.02.2023):
  • “India attracts major investors and tourists immensely by the growth in the economy “- FM
Live Updates on 11:23 AM (01.02.2023):
  • “priority of budget 1-Inclusive development to all people in all categories”- FM
Live Updates on 11:20 AM (01.02.2023):
  • “India Made covid Vaccine for all peoples for  all possible “- FM
Live Updates on 11:12 AM (01.02.2023):
  • “World has recognized Indian economy as a bright star”- FM
Live Updates on 11:05 AM (01.02.2023):
  • “Scheme to supply free food grains” During covid pandemic, the government ensures food to all people. The government implementing free food grains to priority households for one year.
Live Updates on 11:02 AM (01.02.2023):
  • Nirmala Sitharaman started to present her 5th Budget speech for this financial year.
Live Updates on 10:41 AM (01.02.2023):
  • Before presenting the budget, the union cabinet meeting will be held in the parliament, headed by Prime Minister Narendra Modi This year also the budget will be presented in a paperless form.
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